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Baby & Toddler Classes
"Sensory play is like a buffet for the brain."

Parents/Carers are supported through the session as the teacher guides you through a story using a wide range of sensory resources with a huge emphasis on playfulness.  Interacting with the children and using the resources in the way they want to explore the different textures,  movements and feel of the objects. 

Sensory Development supports many early stages in a child's life and can be used to support Development Matters.  Within Early Years Foundation Stage, it supports; Literacy, Mathematics, Personal Social & Emotional Development and Expressive Arts and Design.

Taking part in our classes will support and develop your child's fine and gross motor skills, listening and attention, communication, social interaction, creativity, self-esteem and confidence and much more. 

Childminders please contact for rates

20200502 (22)

Birth to Crawling

We also have a quieter birth to crawling session at Romanby WI Hall, Northallerton on Monday mornings and Richmond Rugby Club on Wednesday mornings. 

These classes offer smaller group size and the session is slightly shorter to allow for babies concentration. 

The session involves familiar songs, sensory story and soothing quiet time songs at the end of the session.


A beautiful time to spend some quality time with your little one while building their curiosity and imagination from an early age.


Birth to Five Years 

The brilliant combination of pace and sensory resources allows children

of all ages to gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction from attending one of our sessions.

Each week we explore the story together finding out what exciting things will be inside your individual sensory bag that week. 

Accompanying these with a huge variety of different genres of music. 

After out story we continue with some familiar rhymes and songs. 

At the end of the session there is time for you to enjoy a story out of our story basket with your child. 

Not forgetting the most important part, a sticker when

you leave! 


Summer Term 2 Starting Monday 3rd June 2024

Mid-Term bookings are accepted and price will be altered according to remaining session.

To book a session please email, text or message via facebook / instagram

or click on the book now link.

Monday:      Romanby WI Hall, Northallerton,10-10:30am - WAITING LIST

                    Romanby WI Hall, Northallerton - Birth to Crawling, 11-11:30am WAITING LIST

                    Hipswell Village Hall,1:30-2pm 


Tuesday:      Colburn, Laser Cheer, 10-10:30am  


Wednesday: Richmond Rugby Club  10-10:30am 

                     Richmond Rugby Club - Birth to Crawling, 11-11:30am

                     Hurworth, Hurworth Grange, 1-1:30pm WAITING LIST

Thursday:    Barton Village Hall 10-10:30am 






Cannot recommend Sunshine Sensory enough! Tracy is incredible and we’re going to miss her and our sessions with her very much.

Ella was 14 months old when we started and is now 2 and a half as we’re leaving. The only reason we’re leaving is due to moving away and if the commute wasn’t 5 hours then we would totally do it!

Ella has absolutely loved every single session and it’s been incredible to watch her come out of her shell as the weeks/months have gone on. The fun sensory play and music that goes alongside the stories that Tracy reads are fantastic. Ella has gained so much more than just fun memories.

Thank you for everything Sunshine Sensory. We’re really going to miss you.

Rebekah Beasley

What People Say

I couldn’t recommend Tracey enough if I tried.

My little girl Polly absolutely LOVEs sunshine sensory, the sessions are so exciting and fun.

We enjoyed our last session of Sunshine Sensory with Tracey today before moving down south and so wish we could take Tracey with us!

Thank you for everything.

For always being so kind and accommodating and supporting Polly and I through some really difficult times!

From Pollys first Sunshine Sensory to her last !

Lauren Holly

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