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A Quiet Night In - Book of the Month

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Every month I'm going to try (I say try because as many of your will be parents you will understand the complications that come with trying to commit yourself to something that doesn't involve your child) and post one of the fabulous books I have found. I will tell you a little bit about the book and if you think it sounds fab you can grab a copy from your local bookshop and spend some quality time reading with your child.

I have started with A Quiet Night In, we are still in the uncertain times of partial lockdown and many of us have had our children of for nearly ten weeks or more now. I think most of us could relate to Mr and Mrs Large been so tired they fall asleep. I love the large family books and although when your tired they feel like they take ages to read I can totally relate to poor Mrs Large.

Have a great time if you read this and as with all things let me know what you think x

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