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Book of the Month - My Magic Family

This month I want to highlight this amazing book by Lotte Jeffs. Its is beautifully written to highlight the differences between people's families and how each family is special in their own way.

I love the fact that this addresses all types of families, it's not religious based, it's more based on different sex families and how some children are raised by their grandparents or by a single parent.

For children who are beginning to learn about the different relationships in the world, or for a child who may have questions about other children in their classes homelife or their own homelife this book is fabulous.

It stresses through the whole book basically how every family no matter how they are made up can make time to spend with the children in the family and each child will still be loved, supported and cherished.

The book is available on amazon, currently for £6.99 (price may change after published) My Magic Family: Jeffs, Lotte, Davey, Sharon: 9780241540138: Books

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