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Listen, Listen - book of the month

Listen, listen is one of the amazing books we sell at Sunshine Sensory. Check our shop page or send me a message if you would like to order a copy.

You can listen/view the story on barefoots youtube page:

Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator & Illustrated by Alison Jay - YouTube

Listen, listen looks at lot's of different things that you can hear. There are also some gorgeous pictures at the back of the book for you to play I spy with.

Remember that reading a story to your child regularly helps them become familiar with the language and what the words mean, they also become used to the rhythm of the stories and for babies they find comfort in this. Reading the same book every day for two weeks give children time to develop the skills they need to be able to recall the story and join in with words and phrases. They need to hear the story a lot of time to develop these skills x

* Try going on a sensory walk and see if you can hear any of the sounds from the story.

* make your own miniature beach for children to explore, put some sand in one side of a tray and some water on the other side (you will have to slightly tip the tray). Babies can be encouraged to explore with their hands of feet, try letting them explore the sand and water separately, then try mixing them and letting the wet sand squidge in their toes. This might be an activity to try in the bathroom. For older children try similar but encourage them to talk about how it feels. Once the sand is wet they may be able to make shapes with it.

* Try having some fun with some tasting experiences, why not try pumpkin, apples and corn

* Use different materials to imagine there are birds flying around your room. Encouraging babies to track different materials as you moved them around the room. For older children encourage them to move in different ways, encourage them to think whether the birds would be moving fast or slow, would they fly high in the sky or low on the ground. Some of them may even hop along the floor.

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