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Oliver's Wood - Book of the Month

Oliver is a cute little owl who stays awake most night but one night he wakes up during the day and meets lots of different animals. He finds it very exciting and can't wait to tell his friends.

This is a great book that isn't too long so nice for younger children just moving into picture books with a developing story.

* Why not go on a sensory walk and see what objects you can find. Try taping a piece of double sided sticky tape and encouraging older children to stick things on. For babies, you could stick things on and when they get home support them to feel the different objects.

* Use feather dusters to imagine how Oliver would have felt. For older children support their use of positional language by encourage them to fly 'Oliver' high, low, behind, infront. You could also talk about how his feathers might feel, try wetting the feather duster and see if your child thinks they feel the same now.

* Use lots of feathers to make your own owl pictures or for little ones fill a play mat with feathers and let them lie down in the or support them to feel the feathers with their feet.

* Make your own owl treasure basket with pinecones, twigs, feathers and leaves. Older children could try and make their own nests using the twigs.

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