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The Gingerbread Man - book of the month

The Gingerbread Man is a great multi sensory story with lots of activities to cover all the senses. It is especially great for olfactory (smell) activities with the ginger. Lots of the activities are suitable for all ages. I use the Come Alive Stories versions by Yellow Door. I use these books for all my traditional story copies, not only they have lovely pictures but they also have gorgeous resources you can buy to Traditional Tales, Nursery Rhymes & Popular Stories - Yellow Door (

I especially love the books as they have brilliant rhyming verses and the interactive versions have a sung version of the song. The games are fantastic for children to use as well.

There are loads of activities you can do with the Gingerbread Man as a basis. I've listed a few but would love to hear from you with your own activities.

* Buy some different flavoured teas and allow the children to smell the different scents, talking about which one they think each one is. Babies simply fill a bowl with tea flavoured water and support babies putting in their feet.

* Make some yummy Gingerbread Men to taste. Babies will enjoy simply exploring the texture of the materials, and probably having a taste.

* Use the attached template to create your own Gingerbread Men, you can colour them, cut out the middle and cover with tissue paper for a cheerfully window collage, use various craft materials to decorate them.

* For older children, print several Gingerbread Man templates (i've attached on to the bottom of the page) and write numbers up to five on them, also draw on five circles to support number recognition. Encourage children to order the Gingerbread Men or count out the correct amount of buttons for each Man.

* For babies, use the Gingeread Man template to cut out Gingerbread Men from different materials for them to feel, easy ones are paper, corrugated card and sandpaper.

* Let’s keep active this week with some moving to music.

Babies: Play some music and support baby moving their arms and legs. Allow some time for them to simply enjoy waving their arms and legs. This would be a good time to try some tummy time.

Older children: Play some music and when the music stops the child has to stop. While the music is playing encourage them to create their own movement.

Gingerbread Man Template
Download PDF • 12KB

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