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The Smartest Giant in Town - Book of the Month.

The Smartest Giant in town is a lovely story about sharing and helping people. Lots of animals to meet and lot’s of things to discuss. The story starts with a very scruffy giant who wants some new clothes. He finds a shop and buys himself a set of smart clothes but on his way home he meets lots of animals who need his help. Eventually he needs more clothes and ends up back with his scruffy clothes but is thanked by all the animals for being the KINDEST giant in town.

* Edible Jello Fingerpaints Tip one sachet of each flavour fruit jello powder into a little dish. Stir in some hot (not boiling) water and mix with a spoon until it becomes thin enough to be like finger-paint consistency. As this is jello powder it becomes thick quite quickly. Stir all of the paints again to keep them from setting, then set them out with a range of brushes and some large pieces of paper (which can be taped down to the table to keep them in place.) Then explore with fingers and taste buds! Obviously do not encourage babies to eat copious amounts on the paint.

* Let’s keep active this month with some bubble popping. Babies will enjoy simply watching bubbles and may try to catch them, sitting or holding babies in your arms while doing this is a good idea so they don’t get bubble mix in their eyes. Older children, demonstrate blowing bubbles (this is useful to support mouth muscle development which impacts on speech in the future). Have a competition to see who can counts the most. Who can blow the biggest bubble. Who can blow the most bubbles.

* George gives lots of his clothes to different animals to help them. Sort some clothes of different sizes and allow children to organise them by colour or size. For babies allowing them to explore different colours and textures.

* Simple activity this week—make a simple discovery box or basket. Simply fill with lot’s of random items that a child might enjoy exploring. Things like hand whisks, tongs, sponges, brushes, hair rollers, balls.

* Even thought the weather is still cool it’s a great chance to get that garden looking lovely. Support your child to dig holes in the soil and plant some plants together. Babies will enjoy having the opportunity to explore the soil using hands or barefeet. Remember they can always be washed x

* Make some jelly and hide toys inside for children to find. Babies—hide large items such as teething rings for babies to take out and discover. Older children—Hide items the same colour as the jelly and encourage them to sort the items when they find them. Try matching them to the correct number.

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