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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse - book of the month

I love the tale of the town mouse and the country mouse I think it highlights brilliantly how we are all different and have different tastes, some people would happily be the town mouse and other people would prefer to be the country mouse. Myself? I would definitely be the country mouse.

* Sensory Beds are a really easy activity for all ages this month. Find lots of different materials and test out whether you like to sleep on them or not. Try things like carrier bags, cushions, rugs turned over to the rough side. Older children could even use different materials to make pretend beds for little mice. Younger children will just enjoy exploring the different sensations, allow them to crawl, roll or support them walking barefoot over the items.

* Place crushed up Weetabix or Porridge Oats in a tray for children to explore the different textures, if they have enjoyed that try adding some water for a different sensory experience.

* Why not build a mouse house outside in your garden using any sticks and leaves you can find. Younger children may enjoy simply exploring the different leaves and sticks you can find.

* For older children you could try making some sugar mice.

Ingredients *350 sifted icing sugar *1 egg white *1 tsp lemon juice *pink food colouring *strawberry laces *small chocolate drops Method 1. whisk egg white until white and foaming. 2. Stir into icing sugar and add lemon juice. 3. Knead mixing with icing sugar until in a dough. 4. Divide mix into two and add few drops of pink food colouring to one half. 5. Shape into mice, add chocolate drops for eyes and nose and strawberry laces for tails. 6. Leave on baking tray to dry overnight.

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