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I’m a mam of two fantastic children and my youngest has a rare gene mutation which has resulted in severe learning difficulties.  Due to lack of activities for children with severe learning difficulties I set up a special needs music session once a fortnight.  I loved seeing the smiles on the children's faces when they enjoyed an activity or particular song and decided that I wanted to expand the business to include all ages and abilities.

As I progressed through my journey with my daughter I became increasingly aware of the huge benefits for sensory experiences for chidlren of all abilities.  I then researched, trained and developed a wide range of sensory story packages suitable for both mainstream and SEN children.

Obviously as a teacher I was well aware of the benefits of reading to children from an early age and exposing them to a wide range of stories.  The sensory stories enable children with a short attention span to experience the joy of a story through play.

I have worked with children and parents from a range of backgrounds and with a wide range of abilities for over 15 years.  I am a qualified teacher and have spent over 10 years specialising in Early Years.  When creating Sunshine Sensory I wanted to use the knowledge and expertise I have developed in my teaching career to allow anyone of any age or ability from birth to 100+ to be able to access  sessions.  Sessions that would encourage active listening through participation.

I am highly motivated and very enthusiastic about what I do and after seeing the impact that music, sensory and stories has had on my daughters development I passionately wanted to provide that opportunity for anyone of any age, hence Sunshine Sensory was born. 

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