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Antenatal Sensory Course

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Antenatal Sensory Course

Available in-house and online, for course dates and link please see bottom of page.

Preparing for you baby is a busy time buying clothes, cots, pushchairs and carseats.  Thinking about how the birth will be and being as prepared as you can.  

There are so many things you will want to do once baby is born and we want to provide an opportunity for you to have an understanding of how sensory development and communication can support in those first few weeks.  You might not feel up to starting a baby group straight away, you may be unable to due to complications or you may want to wait until baby is a bit older.  Whatever your reason through this course you will be able to stay at home and build strong bonds with your baby through sensory play and a deeper understanding of how they are communicating and knowing you are supporting them even in those early days with their communication skills.

During the course you will:

* Develop an understanding of your babies sensory development pre and post birth.


* Learn the importance of sensory play and ways to provide a variety of sensory opportunities from birth.

* Learn the importance of communication and ways your baby can communicate and learn communication from birth.

* Engage in activities and take away printed activity sheets linked to Development Matters.

* Receive quick reference sheets for key facts from the course.


* Opportunities to view various resources (in-house training only)


Current Course Dates

There are no in-person courses running at the moment.



The course it brilliant! I learnt loads! Honestly so well put together I'd recommend it to anyone

Amy G / Nurse

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