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Developing the Senses Through Play

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Developing the Senses - The Importance of Sensory Play

Available online and in-house.

Due to coronavirus we currently do not have any events planned for this training but we do have the course available online.

Sensory exploration is key to a child's development and through this course you will learn the importance of this.  Our world is full of sensory stimulation but do you know the best ways to maximize this through providing fun and engaging activities?  Do you have an understanding of why sensory play is important?  This course will guide you through these questions and more.

During the course you will:

* Develop an understanding of seven of our senses and how they impact on a child's development.


* Learn the importance of sensory play and ways to provide a variety of sensory opportunities.

* Engage in activities and take away printed activity sheets linked to Development Matters.

* Receive quick reference sheets for key facts from the course.


* Opportunities to view various resources (in-house training only)



I have completed an online course today Developing the senses through play.  Excellent online course.

Joanna Hall

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