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Goldilocks and the Teddy Bears Picnic

I'm so excited to finally announce the release of my long awaited first book, Goldilocks and the Teddy Bears picnic.

It's the original Goldilocks but let's see what happens AFTER she visits the Three Bears house. Has she learnt her lesson about being nosy? Has she learnt to do as she's told? Or does she just have a very curious imagination?

The front cover is specifically different from the inside and shows Goldilocks having a picnic with her toy teddy bears in the garden, the concept is that as the story runs through did it really happen or did she just use her imagination.

It is on sale now on amazon for anyone that would like a copy and we will be reading it at our Summer Specials in August 2023, dates are live on facebook or can be booked via the website on the link:

Copies of the book are £6.50 and can be bought via:

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