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January Bookings are open!

Bookings are now open for January and it's already looking like a busy term. We still have spaces at all our classes:

Monday, Romanby WI, 10am

Tuesday, Lazer Cheer, 10am

Wednesday, Richmond Rubgy Club, 10am

Hurworth Grange, 1:30pm

Thursday, Thornborough Hall, Leyburn, 11am

Friday, Hurworth Grange, 10am

Why should I bring my child to these classes?

Our classes promote inclusivity and the focus is on the Indvidual child's development. How can we personlise for each child? We are able to do this through using a wide range of open-ended, heuristic resources which children are able to access in line with their development stage. Meaning whatever age your child is they are always extending their learning, even when they have been attending our classes for a long time.

Is this suitable for siblings?

We have loads of people come with siblings and the consistent thing we are told over and over is that people love it because it targets both children at the same time. It also allows time for siblings to bond together and enjoy an activity they can both get something out of. Older siblings often love demonstrating to younger siblings how to use the different resources, this in turn encourages turn taking and learning to be kind and gentle with each other. We also offer a considerable sibling discount for your first sibling. Triplets extended discount available.

I have a newborn, is it suitable?

Babies are learning from early in the womb, they are listening and able to respond to sounds from before birth. So by exposing babies to a wide range of sounds it supports this continued development. Even if you little one is asleep they are still able to hear all the music in the background, also because a lot of our resources are based on touch you are able to touch their hands, legs or arms while they are sleeping, allowing them to still feel the objects. Babies very quickly change over a few weeks and become more alert and more awake very quickly so it is worth bringing them from as soon as you are able, our youngest has been just 7 days old! Within two weeks he was awake a lot more and watching as Mam used the resources on him.

It's not just about getting baby out, it is also a social element for yourself, getting in a routine, getting out of the house and seeing other adults and been able to speak to someone, I'm always happy to have a chat - something my customers will vouch for ha ha.

Is my 3 year old too old?

Definitely not, by three years old they have explored the sensory and figured what things are but they are still developing their sense of the world. We can explore the descriptions of the different resources. The heuristic resources also encourage the children to use their imagination and think out side the box, too often we give children objects which don't stimulate their creativity and language development.

Why are the sessions bookable termly and not pay as you go?

Pay as you go is available at £1.50 extra but we try to discourage this because children learn through repetition. Being exposed to the class each week allows children to begin to understand the routine, anticipate when we will be using the resources, when songs will be coming on and lots more. We have also noticed that children who have been coming longer naturally want to come and sit at the front of the class and listen when the story is been read. Even those who don't come to the front quickly learn to sit and listen when the story is been read, this again is something that comes from attending regularly.

There will always be more questions and please feel free to comment or message me if you have anything you would like answered. I look forward to seeing you at a class one day soon x

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