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Outdoor Learning

While the weather has been beautiful we have been able to take our sessions outside. it has been lovely to spend time outside and letting children explore not only the sensory products we provide but also the natural sensory experiences that are a free added bonus.

The feel of the grass on bare skin provides huge grounding feedback for adults and children alike. There are less constraints outside and just being able to feel the breeze on their faces or the sun shining. We have had some children that have been most distracted by the trees. My own daughter will spend hours just sitting or lying watching the trees blowing in the wind, so much so that we had to move her bedroom round so she could see out of the window, or she would just stand there for ages watching the trees blow.

Being outside adds an element of relaxation to the session that can only be achieved by the calmness of being outdoors. If you don't have a garden yourself there are some beautiful natures reserves and even local parks, all you need is a patch of clean grass, always make sure you check the area first if you are using a public space, also check for things like thistles and small twigs which might hurt your little one if they crawl or roll over them.

If you find you love being outdoors trying googling for a local forest school session, there are lots more being set up for younger children to acces and they are a great way to introduce learning through nature. We use a great company called Grassy Roots Muddy Boots as they also do special needs sessions.

However you choose to access the outdoors have fun and make the most of those special times with your child.

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