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Sensory Ice Cakes

When the weather is warm it's a great time to get outside and have some fun. Why not try making this fab ice cake. So I added a bit of water and a couple of natural objects let it freeze then topped it up with more until the bowl was full. Once it was frozen I tipped it out onto one of our investigation trays (just google builder's tray) and you can pick them up for about £15 and they are awesome for loads of things. Keep reading the Blog as I will keep trying to post new ideas for them. The ice cakes are a great visual sensory experience and also a great touch experience allowing the children to feel a range of different textures all at once. For toddlers you can start talking about how the ice is melting in the sun and what happens as it melts? It turns to water. What would happen if we put it back in the freezer? All good ways to encourage children to share their ideas and use a wide range of language.

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