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Sensory Story Massage

So excited to announce the newest addition coming to the Sunshine Sensory brand next month. Sensory Story Massage!

Yes now from birth you can bring your little one along and learn some massage strokes that will not only be amazing while our little one is diddy but can grow with you child.

Each class, roughly 40 minutes, will involve learning several different massage strokes (these massages can be done with or without clothes it is entirely your choice).

Once we have gone through the strokes we will be using them as we read through a story and experience it through the combined senses of touch, smell and auditory.

At the end of the session there will be an opportunity for parents to chat, have a drink and snack (cold drinks, fruit and biscuits provided) while little ones have a final 10minute chill out.

But my child might get bored or fidget?

No worries, every child, as in our other classes, will receive their own bag for use during the session which will include several sensory toys should you need something extra for you little on.

My child is just sleeps all the time. Are they too young?

The beauty of massage is it can be done while your child is sleeping, they

will still gain experiences through the session. You will also have the knowledge and story sheet to take home and retell at home when they are awake.

What ages is it suitable for?

While baby massage is generally suitable from birth to crawling story massage can be used for a lot of ages. Lots of nurseries and KS1 sectors of school nationwide use story massage on a regular basis to encourage positivity and awareness of self. In general for attending a class I would suggest no older than crawling, but should you wish to attend with an older one you are more than welcome to. Private sessions are also available on request.

Booking can be done direct, via Facebook, Email or on our happity link:

Course is 4 weeks and is £28 per child / £14 per sibling

Sessions at:

Pendragon, Northallerton, Tuesday 2pm, starting Tuesday 12th September

Hurworth Grange, Friday 11:30am, starting Friday 15th September

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