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Under 5's Demo Day

I've thought for a while how good would it be if you could go to a show, without having to drive millions of miles to get there, to be able to find places to go with your little one, things to do, and resources.

I used slings and reusable nappies with Alice and spent a fortune buying different things and trying them and wish there had been places I could have tried and felt them without having to pay to test everything. Again looking at classes I spent hours trailing google or facebook, and then sometimes someone mentions a class that you haven't even managed to find on any of them.

Then I met Emily, who runs Yorkshire Rose Events, I told her my vision that would be to showcase the best of small business in the local area, all aimed at under 5's, all under one roof. She felt the same passion that I felt, and the Under 5's Demo Day was born.

We are so excited to have teamed up together for this event, and are already planning another one in the Darlington area. Our aim to be able to support parents finding the knowledge they need when raising their child and also be able to signpost them where possible through the Demo Day.

I hope that if you are able to come along on the day and support us that would be amazing, we have goody bags for every family and i'm so excited as what is inside them, sorry not giving any clues away xxx

So off to planning, lots of emails to send, lots of designing to do and of course Sunshine Sensory will be holding demonstrations throughout the day so I have a brand new never been done before story to plan for!

Exciting times and I look forward to updating you all again shortly.

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