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Who will be my Valentine?

Yes it's nearly that time of the year, the shops are now filled with Roses and everything red you can possibly think of. I struggle with the whole commercial side of Valentines, while writing this post I actually looked into the whole background of the Valentines, it was quite gruesome to begin with.

Animal sacrifices, men running round naked in the animal skins (okay that might be a plus for some women), then the men striking the women as this was meant to increase fertility? Not my idea of a fun day.

It wasn't really till about the 1980s that Valentines Day took on the meaning that we really have today. I think its nice that people want to spend their money showing someone they love them, but I think it's nicer if you just show someone they are special throughout the year. We shouldn't need a special day to tell someone we love them.

I mean can you imagine if there was only one day of the year that we spoilt our children and told them how much we love them? We never know what life will throw at us or where we will end up, ultimately don't wait for one day a year to tell people that are special in your life they are special and you care about them. Take any opportunity to share your love with them, make memories and instead of using your money to buy lots of Valentines related items (which will probably end up in the bin at the end of the month), spend the money doing something you will remember with those you love.

Go for a walk, a meal, sit and play a board game, gosh just sit and watch telly with each other if that's what you enjoy. Ultimately don't buy into the whole Valentine scene because you feel you must.

I apologise for the people trying to make money out of Valentines day :-)

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