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Xmas doesn't have to be expensive!

If anything can be learnt from coming to my sessions it's that children, especially under 5's, do not need all singing, all dancing toys all the time.

Now i'm not saying you shouldn't buy them toys, I'm just saying that parents / carers / family shouldn't have to feel pressured into buying mountains of presents, that ultimately will end up at the bottom of toybox not looked at for months and then given away to a charity shop or sold on ebay.

Children, especially under 5's, are happy with the simple things in life, when we raise them to engage their imagination and curiosity. So many parents tell me how their child has a favourite item at home, such as a spoon or plastic bowl. Because the parents coming to my sessions learn to embrace the heuristic natural approach to raising their children.

They are not depriving them of anything, if anything they are providing more, they are encouraging their children to explore through their senses, develop an interest in the unknown, stretch their imaginations and delve into magical worlds through their play.

Watching a child play with a colander, pompom and snowballs the other day during our photoshoots I was just reminded so much how they don't need much to be happy. We live in such a superficial world sometimes that means we feel as parents we are failing our children if we don't buy them mountains of flashy presents. But in years gone by they won't remember half of the presents, probably only played with some of them for a short period, and your bank balance will not be thanking you.

Xmas is a time for spending time together and enjoying each others company. Get outside for a walk if the weather allows, play a simple game at home if the weathers rubbish, going on a treasure hunt can be great fun and costs nothing than a bit of 'treasure' at the end. Watch some movies together, read some stories, put on some tunes and have a silly dance about, enjoy nice food - even better have fun cooking from scratch.

Ultimately enjoy yourselves and spoil your children with experiences that will create magical memories to last a lifetime, save your bank balance and appreciate the time you have while they are little and things really can be simple.

Have an amazing xmas everyone and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year x

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