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Welcome to Sunshine Sensory

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Sensory Classes for all Ages

Welcome to Sunshine Sensory.  Whether you are looking for a class for you baby, toddler, SEN child or adult we have a session that is right for you.  Do you prefer a private session?  They are available upon request.

At Sunshine Sensory we strive to provide a highly inclusive session that combines the fun of music with the benefits of sensory play.  Sensory play is highly beneficial to babies, toddlers, SEN and older generations. 

Sensory development is a fundamental building block in the development of the overall child and contributes to helping develop key communication and life skills. 


Attending a Sensory Sunshine session means achievement, there is no right or wrong way to access the resources, the focus is wholly on the sensory exploration.  This sense of achievement is important, if you are constantly struggling to achieve it can be demoralising and create negative feelings towards activities.  By encouraging this sense of achievement children and adults are more likely to want to access the activities and resources over and over again, this repetition in turn will develop key cognitive skills.

Why should I attend a Sunshine Sensory Class?

· Fully inclusive sessions that are planned and delivered by a qualified EYFS teacher with SEN experience.

· From the moment the class starts your child/adult will be engaged with a wide range of sensory resources to stimulate their imagination and curiosity

· We use a wide genre of music to enlighten and broaden children's experiences of music.

· The childrens classes provide a lovely base to meet friends, old and new, encourage children to develop their socialising skills.


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