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Baby Massage

Enjoy the pleasure of baby massage, including story massage with your little on.


Sensory story massage allows parents an amazing opportunity for you to

spend some quality time with your baby and that skin to skin contact time

that is proven to enhance the development of a child’s self assurance. 

There is also an option to join in with our massages through clothing if so


Massage allows babies the opportunity to develop an awareness of being

loved, respected and secure.  It can help promote sleep in a restless child,

ease colic and help with bowel movements.  Baby massage will allow you

as a parent to develop a positive loving touch that you can share with your

baby at times of the day that you feel are most beneficial for your baby, as part of your night-time routine is a good option.  Baby massage can help you develop more of an awareness of your babies body and ways to comfort them if they are unhappy.  It is used all over the world in many different ways but all ultimately benefit the baby by providing a calm and relaxing activity shared with someone that cares about them.

By learning story massage it is not just a skill you can use while your little one is a baby it is a skill that can be transferred as they get older and is used in many nurseries and KS1 settings throughout the UK, normally under peer to peer massage.


What are the benefits of baby massage?

* Promote Sleep

* Aid with constipation

* Helps with colic

* Good touch.  Good memories

* Alleviate stress and tension 

* Touch is the first language of a child

* Promote physical, social and mental wellbeing

* Release endorphins

* Boost circulation

Session Timetable

Summer Term 2

Four week course: £28

Mid-Term bookings are accepted and price will be altered according to remaining session.

To book a session please email, text or message via facebook / instagram

book online


Thursday: Bedale, Noah & Maeve, Bedale High Street,  1:30-2:15pm

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