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Sensory Development in Babies and Children

I want to share my exciting news with you all that Sunshine Sensory's first training course is now nearly finished. The course is going to be published online first and then once lockdown is over I will be offering training sessions for parents and educational establishments. The aim of the course is to highlight the importance of sensory development in babies and children. Children exposed to a wide range of sensory experiences develop more synapses in the brain thus impacting positively on the overall development and learning of the child. It is sad that in some parts of the world some children do not get the sensory stimulation they need and when imaged their brains are actually smaller than a child that has been exposed to a wide range of sensory stimuli. So the course will talk you through the five main sense we all know , touch, taste, hear, see and smell. It will also touch on the proprioception and vestibular senses which contribute to our sensory experience. The course also includes lots of fun activities for you to try at home with your little ones. Keep watching for our start dates x

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