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Summer Specials

Well we are nearly back with our summer special as Hurworth Grange. It will be so exciting to see some of you, and some new faces after what has nearly been six months.

I have done a full safety check on the area and am confident we can provide a safe venue both inside and outside where we can adhere to social distancing while still enjoying time with our children and supporting them developmentally.

There will be hand sanitiser available, social distancing with individual mats for each family. I will open any doors before and after the session to limit contact with surfaces for parents.

Children will obviously be encouraged to stay with their parents but I emphasis that these are all children under 5 and they do not understand the concept of social distancing.

Although I do normally come round and mix with the children I will be staying at least 2 metres away at the front of the class and simply demonstrate how to use the resources, I hope this will change in the future as I love been able to come and interact with your little ones. It is lovely to demonstrate the resources with them but also lovely to be able to bond with your children.

I am fortunate that I was already using individual bags for the children's resources before Covid so the children and parents who have previously been will know they received their own bag for their child, which will have all the resources they need for the class inside. I have found the children love exploring through the bag each week to see what we will be using.

Our numbers to our sessions have been drastically reduced and I am now operating at 50% capacity to limit the amount of adults and children, hopefully over time this will increase but for the near future the group sizes will be very small.

All sessions are going to be prebooked on a WEEKLY sessions, this allows us to adhere to the strict number capacity and where possible payments to be made via bank transfer.

I look forward to seeing the people who are booked on. For those who missed a place this time, places are now on sale for September 2nd at Hurworth Grange.

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